Here’s a quick tip for traveling consultants: Pinpoint your clients’ locations with Microsoft Outlook’s Display Map feature. With one click, a new browser window opens, displaying a map of your client’s location. Just one more click, and you can find driving directions to guide you to the client’s doorstep. I’ll take you through the simple process step-by-step.

Map a contact’s address
If you’re using Outlook, you’re probably storing e-mail addresses, if nothing else, as contacts. The Display Map feature may provide a new incentive to store physical addresses more regularly.

All you need is access to the Internet to quickly find your client’s address. Here are the simple steps to displaying a map:

  1. Click Contacts on either the Outlook bar or in the folder list.
  2. Click the contact whose address you want to map.

If the contact has multiple address listings, click the down-pointing arrow next to Address and choose Business, Home, or Other, as shown in Figure A.

Figure A

  1. Click the Actions menu and choose Display Map Of Address, or use the Display Map Of Address button on the toolbar (see Figures B and C).

Figure B

Figure C

A browser window will open to, where your contact’s address is mapped. The map will be shown in an existing window if one is already open. Figure D shows a sample map. A pushpin icon indicates the exact location.

To zoom in on the location, click the ascending lines in the Zoom Level box on the right of the map. You may also move the map North, South, East, or West with the Map Mover feature. For those of you who plan to stay in the area, Expedia offers a link to display a map of hotels in the surrounding area.

Figure D

You can save, e-mail, or print the map using the options above the map. Other options include getting driving directions to the location and saving the map to “My Maps & Routes,” an Expedia feature that keeps your commonly used maps for later use. The feature requires free registration.

Cool features for traveling consultants

As a traveling consultant, have you found another Outlook feature, software, or Web site that saves you time, money, or effort? Send us an e-mail or post your find below.