Click here for photos from the Tech Ed 2006 Keynote.

During the Tech Ed 2006 keynote, Ray Ozzie, Microsoft Chief

Technology Officer, outlined Microsoft’s vision for IT—services. Ozzie walked

keynote attendees through the major “technology disruptions” of the past 20

years. These “disruptions”, or significant changes, include the development of

the 32-bit processor and PC revolution, the client/server revolution, and the

evolution of the Web. According to Ozzie, the next major technology change will

be the “services disruption”.

Ozzie said Microsoft is taking a “pragmatic approach” to

this coming disruption by seeking to provide organizations “architectural

flexibility”. Microsoft will offer a seamless client-server-service approach—where

services compliment, not replace, existing applications by offering integrated

connections to the Web. Ozzie termed this new connection “Client-server-service


After Bob Muglia, Microsoft Senior VP, Server & Tools

Business, Chris Capossela, Microsoft Corporate VP, IW PMG, and a host of other

Microsoft personnel then walked through an hour and 30 minutes worth of slides and demonstrations showcasing everything from Windows Compute Cluster Server to Windows Vista and Office 2007.