Packeteer, a global leader in WAN application delivery, announced its product, IntelligenceCenter, for single-point monitoring and optimization of application and WAN performance, which can scale up to 2,500 of its appliances.

An excerpt from VNUnet:

Packeteer says that IntelligenceCenter can monitor average and peak network utilization, response times, connection-related statistics and other network statistics, by application and host on a network-wide basis.

The system can also report on Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) usage, configuration and compliance for all applications, providing IT admins with a granular, network-wide view on application performance, “All the way down to specific users at specific sites” Packeteer said in a statement.

The IntelligenceCenter system provides a Web 2.0-based single sign-on interface for configuring, performance monitoring, and policy enforcement on up to 2,500 of Packeteer’s PacketShaper, iShaper and iShared appliances. The IntelligenceCenter consists of Console, Reporting Module, and Data Collector.

There are a number of vendor solutions for application performance acceleration across a distributed environment, but the bigger question is whether a single approach will meet all the requirements for the enterprise.

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