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Palm’s Pre isn’t going to topple the iPhone this weekend, but the device has a puncher’s chance to be a threat in the smartphone market, according to a bevy of reviews. Palm’s Pre makes its debut for the masses on Saturday.

Here’s the roundup—of the bunch I’d rate Engadget’s review best—and the notable takes:

And the eye candy:

Palm Pre screenshots (right)

Hardware bottom right

The key takeaways:

  • The WebOS;
  • The Card navigation metaphor;
  • The hardware, which Engadget calls stunning;
  • A sweet camera interface;
  • A strong browser;
  • Integration of all your contacts and messages.

On the fence:

The keyboard: Do you need one?


  • Only a dozen apps;
  • An app store that’s in beta (at best);
  • It’s a bit chunky;
  • The Pre is only on Sprint;
  • There will be limited supplies.

Overall, Palm’s reception has been warm. Now the fun really begins.

Roll the video: