For fans of rugged computing, the new 7 Series Toughbook from Panasonic might just be the thing for you. Three versions of the business-rugged notebook are introduced this Monday — the ultraportable W7, tablet T7, and slim Y7.

ToughbookAll three models come with Intel Core 2 processors and weights between 3 and 3.7 pounds. Bluetooth 2.0 and built-in Wi-Fi are also standard, though the tablet version comes sans optical drive due to space and weight considerations.

According to CNET

The company has termed these three notebooks “business-rugged.” What they mean by that is that these will likely survive a decent amount of abuse sustained over the course of a normal business day for people on the go. They have magnesium-alloy casing, shock-mounted hard drives, and flexible internal connectors, and the casing can survive a 1-foot drop, while the hard drive can withstand a 2.5-foot drop.

The notebook version is available now for $2,449, while the tablet and ultraportable will be for sale next month starting at $2,099.