Configure the Outlook Client

In Part I of configuring SQL Mail, we showed you how to create the proper profile in order to use SQL Mail. In this post, we will show you how to properly configure your Outlook client.

In order to configure your Microsoft Outlook client, you first need to make sure you have Microsoft Outlook installed. You can install this client from the Microsoft Office CD. Once you have it installed, click Control Panel from the Start Menu, then double-click the Mail icon, as shown in Figure A.
Next, click Show Profiles, and then click Add, to add a new profile, as shown in Figure B.
You will now be prompted with a wizard to add a new e-mail account, as shown in Figure C. Once you complete this step with the appropriate information, you are ready to configure SQL Mail.

Tomorrow, we will show you how to Configure SQL Mail now that you have configured the Outlook client.

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