Configure SQL Mail

In order to configure SQL Mail, you must open the SQL Server Enterprise Manager from the Start menu, then explore your SQL Server and expand your Support Services folder, as shown in Figure A.
Now right-click on Support Services and choose Properties. From the dropdown menu, choose the profile you just created (Figure B).

If for some reason, you do not see the profile you created in the dropdown menu, you have configured your Outlook mail settings incorrectly. Please go back and check your work for something that you may have missed.

Click Test to verify that your settings work correctly (Figure C). The test starts and stops the MAPI profile you created.
Our next test is to create a SQL Server Operator and test the SQL Mail functionality. To create an Operator, expand SQL Server | Management | SQL Server Agent | Operators and highlight Operators, as shown in Figure D.
Next, right-click on Operators and choose New Operator (Figure E).
Now, type the name of the operator and the operator’s e-mail address for SQL Mail to use. Next, click Test to send a test e-mail (Figure F). A dialog box will display a message that you have sent your e-mail successfully.
Your next step is to open up Outlook and check your e-mail to see that you are receiving these messages, as shown in Figure G.

You can view the entire gallery and Part II of configuring SQL Mail by clicking the appropriate link.