TechRepublic Editor in Chief, Jason Hiner, forwarded me a public relations e-mail this morning announcing a partnership between Microsoft, Laplink Software, and Ingram Micro U. S. I’ll let the press release copy explain the premise for us:

The “MoveNow” program will launch the week of July 19 and continue through September 30, 2010. It provides a free license of PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant for each Windows 7 Upgrade Open License purchased through Ingram Micro U.S. MoveNow also provides training and evaluation licenses for systems integrators, corporate IT resellers, service teams, and IT professionals.

According to Thomas Koll, Laplink’s CEO, this program will save $300 per PC upgraded to Windows 7. I have no idea how that nice round number was arrived at, so you’ll have to consider me a bit skeptical. However, this special program could indeed save some money, so I don’t discount it completely.

TechRepublic reviewed Laplink Software’s PCmover Professional not too long ago, and while the consensus was that the software was generally effective, licensing was a bit problematic. This program seems to address at least part of that issue.

In the polling we have done for the TechRepublic Microsoft Windows Blog, it is apparent that many readers of this blog are planning to migrate to Windows 7 (or are in the process of migrating). Do you think the MoveNow program described in the Laplink press release will help you? Would you welcome more programs like this?

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