On Monday, Google launched a new service called Pay with Google that will allow users to pay for products or services using payment information that is already tied to an existing Google account, such as YouTube or the Google Play store, the firm announced in a blog post.

The service is meant to help streamline the mobile payment process and make online checkouts less frustrating, the post said. The service was originally teased as the Google Payment API back in May 2017, with one of the key value adds being that it could help developers “enable an easy-to-use checkout experience for their customers.”

By simplifying the payment process, the service could help merchants convert more sales on their app or website. Google will send the buyer’s payment information and shipping address to the seller, so they don’t have to type it all in, the post said. All in all, it only takes a few clicks or taps to make a purchase.

On the web, the service will work with Chrome. For mobile, it will work on select Android apps including Airbnb, StubHub, Dice, and Kayak, the post said.

If developers want to use the Google Payment API to work the feature into their app or website, they can learn more on the developer page for the service here. It is free, doesn’t charge extra transaction fees, and only takes a few lines of code to implement.

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The Google Payments API also integrates with other payment providers, such as Striper, Braintree, and TapPay. So, if a company already has its payments handled through them, the transition will be smooth.

Mobile commerce is growing at a rapid clip, with many consumers turning to their phones to make online purchases. And, according to an NTT Data report, companies must embrace mobile payments in order to remain competitive.

Businesses–especially those with a popular Android app–should consider adopting Pay with Google as a means of converting more mobile shoppers into paying customers. Meeting users where they’re at broadens the opportunity for getting products in front of more people, with much less coding needed to make it happen.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. A new service called Pay with Google has launched to allow customers to complete mobile transactions with the payment information connected to one of their Google accounts, like Chrome or YouTube.
  2. The service can be integrated into a businesses e-commerce platform with help of the Google Payments API, which can be implemented with just a few lines of code.
  3. The service could help lower the barrier to mobile purchases, making it easier to convert shoppers to paying customers on Android and Chrome.