I’m not sure if international readers will be aware of the BBC/TV

licence scheme—there may be similar setups in other countries.  To put it simply, every household with a TV

set capable of receiving broadcasts must pay a yearly TV licence fee.  This fee then funds the BBC which makes and broadcasts free programs,

some mainstream and movies, but also some subsidised programs of limited

interest but defined as specialist/niche and therefore good for diversity.  A lot of people are opposed to having to pay

this when they already pay £40 ($70) for monthly cable/satellite subscriptions

and have no interest in viewing BBC broadcasts. 

It seems things may be getting worse; I recently came across an article

on theregister which

suggests that this could be replaced by a generic ‘PC Tax’!!!  Why? 

Well apparently because a PC has the ability to receive a live or almost

live video broadcast, it can technically be defined as a TV.  Obviously the BBC are looking for ways to

ensure their survival, being non-commercial they need to have some way of

forcing money out of as many people as possible.  We won’t see this happening any time soon, ‘The

Government reckons changes to the license fee will not be needed until 2017,

when the BBC’s next royal charter expires.’; I’m not sure what the public

reaction would be to this, maybe something similar to the Poll

Tax riots