Peer Directory update makes searching for others a snap

Our Peer Directory has been streamlined to make it easier for you to connect with other IT pros. Here's how to update your Peer Directory listing to help find other members who have similar interests.

TechRepublic recently updated many sections of its Web site to better serve our members. We hope you are finding the new and improved TechRepublic an easier place to visit. As part of that effort, we spent quite a bit of time tweaking and tuning our Peer Directory so you can find your colleagues with similar skills and interests easier. Perhaps the biggest change is the new search features that narrow down the list of possible matches to your keywords. The following are three areas of the Peer Directory that reflect this change:
  • A broader professional interests section—We replaced the dozens of checkboxes on certification, development languages, and OS preferences with a smaller list of professional interests. Not only are these interests easier to maintain, but including them makes it easier to connect with other members who have similar interests.
  • Find members like yourself—After you select your professional interests, the Peer Directory home page allows you to quickly find other TechRepublic members that share your expertise. All of your interests are preselected, so all you need to do is click the Find Peers button.
  • Peer search results—We also added more information to the Peer Search Results such as job title, company name, and site alias.

Don't wait to update your profile
Creating a listing in the Peer Directory is now automatic: An entry is created when you first sign up as a member of TechRepublic. To help members find you easier, it is recommended that you spend a minute updating your profile by clicking on the Edit My Listing link to add information about yourself in the Biography section. Feel free to add details about your professional certifications, IT background, interests, and hobbies. Keep in mind that you are in complete control of what information is presented to other members. Just select the appropriate radio buttons in the Preferences section of the Edit My Listing section of the Peer Directory.

Tell us what you think
Are the improvements to the Peer Directory helpful? Join the discussion below to let us know.

So what are you waiting for? Update your profile to get the most out of the new and improved TechRepublic Peer Directory. You are sure to find others in the TechRepublic community who can provide helpful answers to your questions. For additional information on how to work with others using the Peer Directory, check out the Help section of TechRepublic.

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