Perils of outsourcing

This edition of the Weekly Roundup looks at what happens when outsourcing companies are robbed, there's more Google news than one can poke a stick at, Samba has a new version and we see what endorsement Mark Taylor has signed on for.

Few companies want, or can afford, to handle all of their human resources functions internally -- so naturally it is outsourced to external parties.

Both Google and CNET Networks (corporate overloads of Builder AU) would be feeling a little sorry for themselves after it was revealed that some employees' personal data was taken in a burglary of Colt Express Outsourcing Services. The kicker is that the response from Colt Express Outsourcing Services' CEO, Samuel Colt III, was "We do not have the resources, financial and otherwise, to assist you further". Hence Google is offering its employees a year's credit tracking as cover if their personal data is used for nefarious purposes.

It wasn't all bad news for Google this week as it was announced that Adobe was supplying Google with a special Flash player that would allow the search engine to better index SWF files. Dynamic flash apps stand to benefit and although Yahoo will also be using the technology, there is still no word on whether Microsoft will also take advantage of the technology.

In further Google news this week: Lana Kovacevic detailed what Google's Web Toolkit offers developers, and Club Builder asked some probing Google Gears questions after dealing with Bill Gates' farewell and Mark Taylor's new IT endorsements.

From the network side of life, a new version of Samba rolled out with clustering support and the fallout from the custom TLD decision by ICAAN continues.