Most of the Office programs display the files you’ve opened recently in an easy-to-access list. To see your list, click My Recent Documents in the Open dialog box or choose My Recent Documents from the Windows Start menu. These items are actually links that let you quickly access files instead of rummaging through the system’s folder hierarchy.

However, as you open new files, Office replaces the oldest links with new ones. If you want to keep a file in the list, you can increase the number of links the list maintains, but attaching the file permanently is more effective:

  1. Click the Office button.
  2. Click Pin This Document To The Recent Documents List to the right of the document. When you click that icon, it will change to look like a pushpin viewed from the top.

This feature works only in Office 2007.

If you depend on the My Recent Documents list in Office 2007, beware of the following behavioral quirks:

  • If you disable the feature and then turn it back on later, Office 2007 will list only the files you open subsequent to enabling the feature.
  • If you move a file after closing it, that file’s link in the My Recent Documents list won’t work. After moving a file, reopen it via the Open dialog box and save it to the new location.
  • Deleting a file won’t remove it from the My Recent Documents list. If you try to open the deleted file from the list, Office 2007 displays an error message. You can clear the entire list by setting the number of items in the list to 0, but that’s overkill. If you choose this route, be sure to reset the number once you clear the list.