PernixData will be announcing
the first release of its Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP) product on August 6, 2013. The company says
FVP is the first and only hypervisor for server-side flash. Although other
vendors have similar server-side flash solutions, FVP is the only solution that
is currently able to create a clustered tier that allows VMware administrators
to realize the cost benefits no matter which physical host the guest virtual
machine is running on (Figure A). In
a nutshell, FVP can increase performance and capacity of your current VMware
and storage solutions.

Figure A


The features PernixData is touting in this first release

  • Scale-out performance independent of storage
  • Seamless deployment
  • Full support for VMware cluster operations
  • Full read and write acceleration with fault
    tolerance (including write through and write back)

According to PernixData, FVP is a disruptive technology that
is non-disruptive to deploy. As one of the beta users of the product, I agree.
It doesn’t require a restart of the physical hosts or Guests VMs to deploy. It
also doesn’t require the VMware admin to change the steps he or she follows
when running common virtualization tasks such as vMotion,
Distributed Resources Scheduler (DRS), High Availability (HA), Snapshot, vCloud,
Site Recovery Manager (SRM), and so on.

You can watch FVP demos in the
videos section of the PernixData site.


FVP for the Enterprise is $7,500 per physical host; there
will be additional packages available for SMB customers. If you’re interested
in purchasing FVP, you will need to go through a PernixData partner, which you
can find with direction from PernixData. A free trial of FVP is available.

Analyst commentary

Enterprise Strategy Group Senior Analyst Steve Duplessie stated:

Everyone running a virtual server
environment wants predictable scale-out storage to go with it, but that simply
hasn’t been possible to date.  By
virtualizing the flash layer, PernixData let’s those shops have their cake and
eat it too – they let you add the performance, predictability and linear
scale-out requirements you need to operate a real virtual environment, without
forcing you to change out your underlying storage architecture.  How can that be anything but goodness?

About the company

PernixData was founded in February 2012 by Poojan Kumar and
Satyam Vaghani. Kumar, CEO of PernixData, was also a cofounder of Exadata and
ran the VMware data group. Vaghani, CTO of PernixData, was the VMware Storage
CTO. It’s clear the people running the company have a strong background in
storage and virtualization. 

Give it a try

I’m very excited about FVP.  Any product
that is this easy to use and doesn’t add extra steps to VMware administration activities
is okay in my book. I encourage anyone who is looking to increase performance
of their applications to check out the free trial. It’s not disruptive to
install or uninstall, so you can’t lose. 

Share your feedback

If you give FVP a try or are already
using it, please tell us about your experience with it in the comments section.

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