Word’s Mail Merge feature isn’t just for creating form
letters and address labels; you can use it to quickly personalize virtually any
document—no matter how many copies you need to send or print.

For example, suppose you are compiling a set of handouts for
a seminar and would like to add a page that welcomes each participant by name
to the event. You have created a list of the participants in an Excel file
(called Seminar Attendees) with the following column field headers: Attendee_Name, Telephone_No., and E-mail_Address. Follow
these steps:

  1. Click
    in your Word document where you want the attendee’s name to appear on the first
    page of the handouts.
  2. Right-click
    the toolbar area and select Mail Merge to display the Mail Merge toolbar.
  3. In
    the Mail Merge toolbar, select the Open Data Source button.
  4. Navigate
    to the Seminar Attendees file and click Open.
  5. Select
    the name of the worksheet that contains the data.
  6. Select
    the First Row Of Data Contains Column Headers check
    box, and click OK.
  7. Click
    the Insert Merge Fields button in the Mail Merge toolbar.
  8. Click
    Attendee_Name, Insert, and then Close.
  9. Click
    the Merge To Printer button.

Word will print a personalized set of handouts for each

If you learn that two people on the list cancelled, there is
no need to have Word print their handouts. Before printing, click the Mail
Merge Recipients button in the Mail Merge toolbar, and clear the check mark
from the records of the people who will not attend the seminar.

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