Written poolside at my hotel in Rome and dispatched via a 3G HSDPA data service.

The economic downturn and collapse of the dollar have resulted in a lot of my business migrating out of the US into the EU and south-east Asia.

Wireless from A to Z

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A is for Antivirus
B is for Bluetooth
C is for The Cloud
D is for dotMobi
E is for Email
F is for FMC
G is for GPS
H is for HSDPA
I is for i-mode
J is for Japan Air
K is for Korea
L is for LBS
M is for M2M
N is for NFC
O is for Operating systems
P is for Pubs
Q is for QoS
R is for Roaming
S is for Satellite
T is for TV
U is for UMTS
V is for Virgin
W is for WiMax
X is for XDA
Y is for Yucca
Z is for Zigbee

So after more than a decade dominated by easy-to-find free wi-fi access in the US, I now find myself in countries where I have to search out low-cost links.

Because of tight deadlines over recent weeks I’ve had to use access facilities in hotels that have stung me for anything between