It’s not just the very young with a long list of things that’d make their Christmas the bestest ever. Peter Cochrane has a number of wishes that we suspect would make most of our lives a lot more bearable…

Dear Santa,

I have worked hard all year, honoured all customers, agreements and contracts, and mostly delivered more than was originally asked for, ahead of schedule.

It has been another hard business year with a lot of travelling and it has been tough keeping ahead of rising cost structures, not to mention fast changing markets, business practices and technological advances.

I have tried to be really good by helping as many people as possible, giving good, value-for-money advice.

I have been tolerant of my fellow man and their oft incomplete technology.

So I thought you may have something a little extra for me this year! Not that I expect all of it, you understand, just a few items on my wish list would be a real treat and they would make everyone else