The number of mobile Web users will hit one billion by 2010. The availability of this technology falls right in line with present-day work styles that blur the line between work and leisure time. This news is good and bad.

Having work resources at your fingertips anywhere can mean that you’ll be working more, but the convenience of the devices means that you won’t necessarily have to be working at your office desk. And even better news, at least to me, is that you can attend any number of meetings and conference calls by firing up your smartphone.

PGi, a provider of meeting and collaboration solutions, has released updates on its mobile technology solutions for the Blackberry and iPhone. The new features of PGi Mobile include the capability of:

• Saving call-in numbers and passwords for one-click entry

• Seeing names, titles, and even photos of those who have accessed a call

• Seeing who is talking

• Recording and adjusting volumes or muting noisy lines from the phone interface

• Dialing out to more invitees

• Locking the call for more security

PGi Mobile works with Blackberry OS version 4.2.1 and above and Apple iPhone or iTouch version 3.0 or later. For an interactive guide to the PGi iPhone app, click here. For the Blackberry, click here.