PGP Corp. wants to go into dynamic management of encryption keys as opposed to the current static method of managing them, according to Phil Dunkelberger, president and CEO of PGP.

Best known for its roots in Pretty Good Privacy, Dunkelberger talks about PGP’s as-yet unannounced key choreography strategy, where the movement of data, applications, and workflow get integrated with encryption and encryption policies.

According to Dark Reading:

As part of this strategy, the company plans to release a new version, 9.7, of its PGP Desktop software, as well as a new version, 2.7, of its PGP Universal Server product in the coming weeks. The upgrades will make encryption easier for users and administrators as well as more synchronized with users’ workflow, according to PGP. In other words, this is no longer simple key and certificate management, according to Dunkelberger.

Better encryption key management would probably be a shot in the arm to make the use of them ubiquitous. Do you use PGP at the moment?