Philadelphia's smart city plan includes 5G and forward-thinking public policies

Smart city projects in Philadelphia include 5G, drone deployments, IoT, and public computing centers said Ellen Hwang, the city's program manager for innovation management.

Philadelphia's smart city plan includes 5G and forward-thinking policies

The City of Philadelphia's Ellen Hwang's infectious enthusiasm towards the city of brotherly love includes depictions of a tech-savvy future Philly, as the local government adopts innovative technology.

"I'm here at South by Southwest as part of the Amplify Philly Delegation," said Ellen Hwang, program manager for innovation management, City of Philadelphia "We're from the city of brotherly love and we're here to represent the creative sector, the design community, our civic technologists startup and government, and we want to make sure the world knows the exciting work and innovation that's happening in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, we have Smart City PHL, Philadelphia's strategic initiative to establish a plan and a process for how city government will adopt advanced technology. That includes thinking about 5G, small-cell deployment as well as, the government and policies, which support our communities into the future.

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We have many startups in the community, including those at work on drone technology and IoT for homes. We're excited about the creative work in Smart City in Philadelphia. We're a MEDs, EDs, and BEDs town. We have some of the largest concentration of universities which do incredible research in the space. We have one of the highest concentrations of hospitals crushing the life sciences industry in Philadelphia and worldwide.

We also have a really robust hospitality industry. With so much going on in the city, the community's really coming together, and also thinking about digital inclusion. Our Key Spark program is not only historical, but a pioneering effort to bring public computing centers to our low-income and low access neighborhoods and we hope to continue to provide access to our neighbors.

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Ellen Hwang, Program Manager for Innovation Management, City of Philadelphia
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