PhotoBulk simplifies bulk image editing chores for Mac users

PhotoBulk makes quick work of various bulk-editing tasks, including resizing and watermarking. Plus, the app is a bargain.

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Sometimes Mac users need to resize a photo or add a watermark to an image. Occasionally Apple users must rename a number of files or optimize a multitude of images. Eltima Software's $5.99 PhotoBulk application accommodates all these tasks with ease.

PhotoBulk has a minimalist, intuitive interface; for instance, resizing images doesn't require navigating a series of complex menus. Renaming multiple photos is as easy as specifying the new filename format to apply and dragging and dropping the images to be renamed into the application window. The program makes quick work of optimizing images and adding watermarks to photos. The app can also convert photos (including in bulk) for common formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF.

PhotoBulk also supports previewing files before executing changes. In addition, users can save commonly performed changes as favorite presets.


The program's watermarking feature is easy to use. Users specify the font, size, color, opacity, and even angle; or, they can opt to add an image watermark instead. More extensive watermarking directions can be found on the Eltima site.


The app's resizing capability supports resizing by pixel width or height, a scale percentage, or maximum size. Users can also choose to manually enter specific dimensions. Step-by-step resizing directions can be found on the application's webpage.


PhotoBulk's optimization options enable tweaking file size while working to maintain resolution quality; such changes are frequently required when publishing files to websites and sharing images via email. Bulk optimization instructions are available on the app's webpage.

Bulk renaming

Bulk renaming is a breeze, too. You simply specify whether numbering identifiers are to be added as a prefix or a suffix using the provided slider button. Then, you enter the naming convention to be applied to the images.

Drag-and-drop the photos to be renamed onto the PhotoBulk application, and then click the Start button to trigger the process. The application will generate the new files in the location you specify, thereby preserving the original files.

The bottom line

With its clean interface, PhotoBulk enables performing common image editing chores quickly and with a minimum of clicks -- even when processing a multitude of files. Also, PhotoBulk is a bargain. Mac users should give it a look the next time they need to perform bulk resizing, renaming, optimization, and even watermarking tasks.

Note: PhotoBulk is also available on the Windows platform.

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