Dosugus DOS query pillow
So the whole “spring forward” part of Daylight Savings Time snapped back last night, and geeks everywhere are wondering if it’s possible to clone Ben Franklin and then retroactively kick his genius butt for stealing that hour of precious, precious World Of Warcraft game time…er, sleep from us last night. But here’s a better idea: take a nap and still bill it to a legacy system project as “research” with the help of Dosugus, the DOS query pillow. The latest techno-art object from Art.Lebedev — the same guy who brought you the Optimus Maximus keyboard — Dosugus shows a classic terminal screen printout of a wide format directory query, gleefully displaying the various and sundry contents of one very geeky C drive. Any shuteye snatched on this bad-boy counts as an old-school OS review, so snag one today.