We were going to write this great big treatise on how to pick the perfect e-commerce solution. It was going to cover everything from the some-assembly-required type of shrink-wrapped package, all the way up to the full-blown mega-dollar engagement from an e-commerce consulting firm.

But the more we looked into it, the more we realized that an article could never adequately cover the huge space of available e-commerce solutions. We’d never be able to give you the right advice to help you pick the right solution for every possible circumstance. So we took a different approach—we decided we’d try building some tools to help you pick the e-commerce solution that best fits your needs.

Gap analysis tool
First, of course, you have to decide whether you even have a problem with your current e-commerce solution. That’s where the E-commerce Gap Analysis Tool comes in to play.

You select which capabilities you have today, and where you want to be with your future solution. It’s really just a checklist to help identify the gaps so you have a picture of the requirements you’ll need.

Vendor selection checklist
Now once you’ve identified that there are, in fact, gaps you need to fill in your current e-commerce solution, the next step is selecting an e-commerce vendor. This gets a lot more complicated than the gap analysis.

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First, you’ll want to rank which criteria are most important to you. Then for each vendor you’re evaluating, you should score its solution in terms of each criterion. The spreadsheet can then calculate a score for each vendor to show you which ones are closest to meeting your particular needs.

Looking for feedback
This is the first time we’re attempting to provide tools like these, so we’d love to get feedback. Did these help you, did they fail to measure up, would you like more, or not? Please post to this article’s discussion board to send us your feedback. Thanks.