Picnik, an online photo-editing service, has released specifications that will let other Web sites use its tools.

The Seattle company on Tuesday released its application programming interface, or API, called Picnik-in-a-Box. “Sites can use the Picnik interface to load, edit, and save specific images provided by users, customise certain portions of the Picnik interface, and give users a superior image-importing and -exporting experience for applications or Web sites,” the company said in a statement.

Web site developers wishing to employ the feature can obtain a key from Picnik that grants access to the API, Picnik said.

Among sites using the API today are Photoextract.com, Fineartstudioonline.com, Freewebs.com, Box.net, Photoworks.com, ZoomShare.com, and Fliptrack.com Flickr and Lexmark both use a more elaborate, customised version, Picnik said.

Image-editing powerhouse Adobe Systems is working on its own online editing tool, Photoshop Express.

– Posted by Stephen Shankland