beaker_mug.jpgIt’s a well established fact that TechRepublic members take their coffee seriously, but a couple of helpful mugs are now available to assist you in perfecting the ultimate cup of joe. First up is the precision beaker coffee mug from ThinkGeek, which lets you meticulously apportion and admire your custom-designed techno-brew.

mycuppa1.jpgStill, there’s a great deal of extraneous instrumentation–measuring spoons and the like–necessary for typical coffee-ites (amateurs) to use this mug to its full potential, which is why we also have the color-matching MyCuppa coffee and tea mugs (found via BoingBoing). Just keep adding milk until you’ve reached your preferred level of coffee disarmament, as matched to the color strips on the sides. Sorry, no help balancing out the sugar.

Once you’ve got your mug sorted, feel free to keep it warm with the help of the USB Cafe Pad, which needs no conventional outlet, just space near your CPU. Ain’t science grand?