Some recent reports indicate that a way has been developed and published which can let hackers intercept and decrypt PIN numbers entered at the ATM machine you are using.

Further research into this is required but as an early warning I wanted to post this.

It isn’t a hoax, but may not be a serious threat.

However, although TV “experts” say there is no way to protect yourself other than by watching for fradulent activity in your account, there is a much more powerful tool that I wanted to remind you about.

Simply stop using ATMs or any service which requires you to give out your PIN number because that code is sent though a gigantic network and not directly to your personal bank.

It shouldn’t be difficult for security-aware IT workers to wean themselves from ATMs at least long enough to determine if this is an actual threat or mere hogwash.

After all, you can still use your credit card for holiday shopping, I don’t even have PINs established for any of my cards and I never seem to have a problem.

Remember, I am NOT claiming this is a major threat, even though any slight security hole in banking procedures are an open invitation to Russian and other organized crime groups – I am MERELY pointing out that this is now a possibility which must be considered and, if you don’t need to use a service requiring a PIN, it is probably a good idea to warn your families to find another way.  Since there is no hard data yet, I am not including any links.