Pinterest for brands: 4 tips

Here are 4 tips for brands entering the wide world of Pinterest.

4 tips for creating an engaging Pinterest account for your brand

You're entering the wide world of Pinterest. You've been given the directive to Go forth and Pin! Which is great. But... how?

Here are 4 tips for creating an engaging Pinterest page for your brand.

First up, use attractive images. It sounds obvious, but that's what the platform stands on -- people like pretty pictures, and they pin the ones they want to keep. So, make sure your images and the useful links attached are ones they want to return to.

Second, don't neglect pin descriptions. Say something about what you pinned or why you pinned it. Also, Pinterest recognizes hashtags and keywords, so, if you want people to find you on Pinterest, choose your words carefully.

Third, diversify your boards. It depends on what your business does exactly, but you can create different boards for different things -- maybe you've got one board where you pin promotional stuff, and other boards that deal more with aspiration, or memes, or a specific product line, or infographics you produce. Take advantage of your organizational abilities.

Lastly, keep pinning. There are few things more tragic than an abandoned channel. That's a lie. Regardless, it doesn't look good for your brand if there's nothing going on there. Just don't forget, if you're going to be on Pinterest, if you've made that decision -- be there.

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