After complaints the “kill switch” in Vista that is meant to disable pirated copies of the OS was also affecting legitimate copies, Microsoft has decided from Vista SP1 to disable the function. The software giant will instead focus on preventing a BIOS exploit that fakes the activation process.

It is expected that Vista SP1 will be publicly tested next week — current figures put the free space required for the service pack at 4.5GB, the good news is that this is down from 7GB previously needed.

PDF is now well on its way to becoming an ISO standard after an overwhelming vote in favour of it was passed this week. There are however, 205 comments to resolve before the standard is finalised.

On the flip side of the PDF coin, Yahoo and Adobe have partnered to provide advertisements within PDFs if you have Acrobat 8.1.

Remaining with Adobe for the moment, they also released a new version of the Flash player which now includes support for H.264 videos. Another blog this week combined two passionate topics to explain hard drive failures.

Finally in a video interview, Rasmus Lerdorf explains why the Web is broken and should be overhauled completely.