Playing with semantics

The Semantic Web, Microsoft's upcoming app store and a security flaw in Google Docs are amongst some topics that made news this week. Find out more in this week's Roundup.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is confident the Semantic Web will enhance user privacy online, despite concerns over increased data mining and privacy vulnerabilities. The father of the World Wide Web has said that W3C is working on incorporating privacy principles into the architecture of the Semantic Web.

Microsoft has revealed more details about its upcoming app store, due to be launched alongside Windows Mobile 6.5 later in the year. Microsoft is also working on making applications that couldn't previously run on Vista, compatible with Windows 7.

In other news, a security problem with Google Docs has caused some users to unknowingly share their documents this week. The flaw only affected word-processing and presentation documents.

Over in the open source realm, Red Hat doesn't believe cloud computing will encourage the acceptance of open source software, despite its need for open standards and interoperability.

In feature articles this week, we look at 10 tech mistakes small businesses make and how to set up RPM Fusion with Fedora.