Podcast: PlayStation VR is real, and we're excited

Can 36 million playstation owner help Sony dominate the consumer VR market? On this episode of the TechRepublic podcast Erin Carson explains how PlayStation VR changes the game.

Image: Erin Carson/TechRepublic

This week Sony revealed the new PlayStation VR. At $399 the virtual reality headset is more affordable than competitive devices from HTC and Oculus. Can Sony's massive install base of PlayStation users lend the company a competitive advantage? Erin Carson reported live from the Sony announcement.

PSVR is the only console-based system, currently. As Gownder said, that could prove an advantage as PlayStation already has a sizable install base. Sony said in January 2016 that 5.7 million PlayStation 4s were sold during the holiday season alone, and the install base worldwide is somewhere around 36 million units.

Bill Detwiler and Dan Patterson discuss the high end VR market, and how the PlayStation VR could be used by business.

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President Obama spoke live this past week at SXSW. Erin Carson was in Austin and on hand for the President's remarks. On this episode she provides a glimpse into how the tech crowd reacted to Obama's plea for compromise. Bill brings us up to date on the latest developments of the Apple and FBI encryption standoff.

Our panel this week:

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