We’re expecting significant announcements from Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference this year, and TechRepublic will be covering the WWDC 2011 keynote live at 1:00PM Eastern on Monday. Head technology editor Bill Detwiler and I will be providing live analysis of all the announcements from a business, developer, and enterprise IT perspective.

Apple has already told us that CEO Steve Jobs — who is currently on medical leave — will be on hand to lead the event. That’s a good sign that Apple has high expectations. According to Apple, WWDC 2011 will focus on three big themes:

  1. iOS 5
  2. Mac OS X “Lion”
  3. iCloud (“Apple’s upcoming cloud services offering”)

Join us, starting at 12:30PM Eastern on Monday. Leading up to the event, we’ll discuss our expectations and predictions. During the event itself, we’ll provide play-by-play of the important announcements as well as commentary and analysis of what it means for business and IT. Think of it as talk radio, but in the form of an Internet chat. You’ll be able to ask us questions and interact with us during the chat. We’ll even take your best comments and republish them inline with our own comments as part of the chat.

Before the event, you can enter your email address into the field on the CoverItLive unit below in order to get a reminder before the event begins. Below the CoverItLive unit, you’ll find links to more information leading up to WWDC.