What do Apple’s monstrous new data center, the growing dilemma of archiving Web content, and my first computer have in common? Those were topics of discussion in MyMac.com podcast #254, where I served as this week’s guest.

MyMac Magazine has been around since 1995 and Tim Robertson and his crew have been doing a weekly podcast since 2004, so these guys are true Web pioneers and I had a lot of fun talking with them about my recent article on the new Apple data center, the wild revolution that’s happening in the media business, and a little bit about of my first computer (a Mac Classic).

During the discussion, I also give shout-outs to a few new media pioneers, including Leo Laporte (who is rapidly developing his own grassroots empire in tech broadcasting), Jason Snell (who has led a digital transformation at Macworld magazine), and Ryan Block (who pioneered the live blog).

You can listen to the podcast from the player at the top of the page, download it as an MP3, or get it from iTunes.