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On the pilot episode of TechRepublic's Business Technology Weekly podcast, hosts Dan Patterson and Ant Pruitt discuss innovations in AI, why big data and privacy are often at odds, and how a sporting goods company is changing ecommerce.


Cover Story:

  • Why Dick's Sporting Goods decided to play its own game in e¬≠commerce | Larry Dignan Retail giant Dick's Sporting Goods has an entrenched and successful e-commerce relationship with eBay. Now the company is building e-commerce tech in-house and betting big on data. The stakes are high, and the benefits are huge for retailers like Dick's. In this cover story learn how the future of retail is no longer about retail and is all about experiences for the customer that blend physical and virtual commerce.

Produced by Jason Hiner, Amy Talbot, and Dan Patterson. Music by Dan Kamas.

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