Podcast: How 3D printing is climbing out of the trough of disillusionment

On this episode of the TechRepublic podcast our team explains why business embraced 3D printing, and the new 360,000-color 3D printer that has industrial designers drooling.

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3D printing was yesterday's hot tech. In an age dominated by the web and mobile apps, 3D printing represented tangible technology. Suddenly, in theory, anyone could code, design, and print out real, actual stuff. And yet, consumers found 3D printing to be kludgey and confusing. The technology quickly faded from the zeitgeist.

Business, on the other hand, embraced and improved 3D printing tech. Legacy printing giant HP announced recently that the company will enter the 3D printing market in 2016. TechRepublic's Jason Hiner recently spent time with the Stratasys J750, a new machine capable of printing in 360,000 colors, with a vast array of disparate material. The next generation of machines now help industrial companies reduce risk, innovate faster, and save money.

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This week on the TechRepublic Podcast our team talks about how the J750 works, why the technology stumbled with the public, and how 3D printing climbed out from the trough of consumer disillusionment.


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