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This is the final episode of the TechRepublic podcast! On this episode, we chatter about the new show, and why technology policy matters to every industry.

Next week we will release a new show called Business Technology Weekly. BTW is a weekly news roundup of essential business tech stories, long form articles, and pratical how-to guides from and the greater technology ecosystem. Episodes will be released at the end of the work week, and run 8 – 12 minutes in length.

The new show will be hosted by our regular podcast team, Jason Hiner, Dan Patterson, and Amy Talbott.

The round table-style show isn’t going away! Once per month our team will gather to discuss big topics in technology. These episodes will be longer in length, and feature a diverse panel of industry experts and interesting characters.

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Podcasting is an intimate medium, and your feedback over the past year helped us devise the new programs. Our goal is to make the all content, including podcasts and video, as useful and enjoyable as possible.

We appreciate your continued feedback and support. Please continue to share your kvetches, ideas, and topical opinions at: podcast [at] techrepublic [dot] com, and (646) 389-5404.

Thanks for listening!

Music by Dan Kamas.

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