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Intel-based CPUs vs. Transmeta’s new Crusoe
We’ve all heard the arguments in the past regarding Intel chips and companies that create Intel-compatible chips, such as AMD and Cyrix. Which chip is faster and which has the best performance? Which chip has 3DNow! and which chip has MMX? However, the question now is will these processing giants team up to battle the new kid in town, Transmeta, in the laptop department?

By now, you’ve probably heard of Transmeta, the new start-up processor company that is determined to take a chunk out of the mobile PC market. They claim that their processors are smaller, use less power, and, best of all, produce much less heat than their Intel-based competition. The interesting thing is that so far, they’ve been able to back up their claims. The processors they produce are arguably just as fast as the Intel-based chips but are not as hot and, as a result, do not use as much power. This results in longer battery life.

Let’s do some comparisons
So what exactly are the differences between all of these processors? Below, you will find links to Web sites by Intel, AMD, and Transmeta so you can compare the chips for yourself.

The point
Do you believe that Transmeta has what it takes to push aside the Intel- and Intel-compatible-dominated mobile PC market? Will their new line of Crusoe chips make the grade? Let your voice be heard! Leave a post below or send us an e-mail explaining why you believe Transmeta’s Crusoe chip will be the right way to go for laptops in the near future. Remember to make your answers clear and concise!

The counterpoint
Do you believe that the new Crusoe chip by Transmeta is nothing but hype? Will Intel and similar chips rule the laptop market far into the future? It’s time to stand on your soapbox and let your opinions be known! Leave a post below or send us an e-mail explaining why you believe that Intel and similar processors will be king for a long time to come. Remember to make your answers clear and concise!
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