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I had an interesting argument the other day
It’s no secret around TechRepublic that I am fast becoming a huge supporter of the Linux operating system. I have written many articles lately in the Support Republic regarding the OS, to what I believe is the delight of the Linux community within TechRepublic.

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However, not everyone around the office shares my opinion of Linux. As a matter of fact, a Windows 2000 supporter has challenged me to a test of the operating systems. He wants to know if I could set up a Linux server, including network support and Internet connectivity, in the same time that he could set up a Windows 2000 server with the same basic options.

I had to laugh at his request, as I have set up Windows 2000 Server and have seen exactly how long it takes to set up Microsoft’s new flagship OS. I told him I would accept the challenge if we could find two machines with equal components to do the installations on. After all, I wouldn’t want him to accuse me of cheating now, would I?

Point: So can a Linux server be set up faster?
Well, you know my opinion on this topic, and now I want to know yours. Do you believe that it is possible to install and set up a Linux server, with network access and Internet connectivity, faster than installing and setting up a Windows 2000 Server? Let your voice be heard! Send me e-mail, or leave a post below, explaining the reasons why you believe that a Linux server can be set up faster!

Counterpoint: Linux will choke on Win2K’s smoke!
Okay, do you believe that I’m a total moron? I’m sure you do, regardless, but do you believe that a Windows 2000 Server can be installed and set up faster, with network access and Internet connectivity, than a Linux server? I want to know your thoughts! Send me e-mail, or leave a post below, explaining your reasons for thinking that Windows 2000 can be installed faster than Linux.

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