It was reported today by the Telegraph that John Yates, the Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner (leading the investigation) authorised officers to covertly extract confidential information from government computers.  It is even suggested that they have approached Number 10’s Internet service provider to gain access to email records.

Concerns of a cover-up had grown following multiple requests for all email, letters and other material relevant to the investigation. A “very slim” file was handed over which raised the suspicion that vital information was being withheld.  Interestingly this all occurred before Ruth Turner (One of Tony Blair’s advisers) was arrested and held under suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

While Labour party officials have accused officers of being theatrical, detectives are angry at what they perceive to be attempts to block the enquiry–divisions between Scotland Yard and Downing Street will continue to deepen.

I think the most important point to consider is that if the authorities can legally hack in to the governments systems, they can most probably do the same to any individual or corporation; keep that firewall active!