The BlackBerry Q10 will be one of the stars of BlackBerry Live 2013 this week in Orlando. I will be there covering the event, as well as SAP Sapphire 2013 just up the road. One of the my big questions for the BlackBerry crowd is whether the Q10—which is reportedly seeing strong demand in some circles—will be able to use its traditional hardware keyboard to entice converts back to BlackBerry and to keep loyalists in the fold.

For those of you that I won’t be able to pester face-to-face in Orlando this week, I thought I’d throw open this straw poll to get your take on the issue. I’ve actually divided it into two polls—one for former BlackBerry lovers who have converted to Android or iPhone and one for BlackBerry holdouts, many of whom have likely been thinking about a switch.

Take the poll that best fits your situation and then jump in the discussion if you’d like to explain your thinking.

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