I regularly talk to product managers at technology companies and I often encourage them to follow the discussions and participate in the TechRepublic forums when we write about their products. Since they know their products so well — and usually have in-depth knowledge about whatever niche their product covers — I think these product professionals can often add valuable perspectives to the discussion.

I don’t even mind when product managers respond to criticisms by defending their products, as long as they’re honest about it and don’t copy-and-paste from marketing brochures. I simply ask them to identify themselves as official representatives of their companies. In many cases, they can help clear up confusion about their products, explain product features (and missing features), and share information about future developments.

For all of those reasons, I think vendors can add important information to the discussions and I’d like to encourage more of it. However, I’m interested to see if TechRepublic members agree with my perspective on this subject. Take the two polls below to share your opinion.