Today is the day many of you have been waiting for — the U.S. release of the new Star Trek film is finally here. While some Trekkies have already cast dispersions about the film based on the trailers, TechRepublic blogger Scott Lowe suggests that fans see the movie before knocking it.

I’m guessing that most Geekend readers have been counting the days until the film’s release — some of you may even be heading out of work early to try to beat the crowds. (My boyfriend suggested we go see it midday today, but I think I’ll catch it over the weekend instead. Not that he’s too far off base to think the film could be considered work research; our group, including Jay Garmon, did see two of The Lord of the Rings films together as part of a work outing.) I’m curious to know just how many of our Geekend readers plan to see the flick opening weekend.

Bonus question: If you plan to see Star Trek in the theater, are you going to dress up in a costume for the occasion?