Cloud computing may very well change the IT landscape, but the technology still has significant security challenges to overcome. On Saturday, Google acknowledged that a small percentage (less than 0.05%) of documents stored on the company’s Google Docs platform were accessible by people who should not have had access.

In a post on the Company’s Google Docs blog, Jennifer Mazzon, Google Docs Product Manager, wrote the following:

As we noted in the Google Docs Help Forum yesterday, we’ve identified and fixed a bug where a very small percentage of users shared some of their documents inadvertently. The inadvertent sharing was limited to people with whom the document owner, or a collaborator with sharing rights, had previously shared a document. The issue affected so few users because it only could have occurred for a very small percentage of documents, and for those documents only when a specific sequence of user actions took place.

I applaud Google for notifying its users of the glitch and security implications, but the incident illustrates the significant security hurdles cloud computing platforms must overcome. I’m still leery of trusting a third-party with my private documents. What about you?