As I talk to IT professionals from across the globe, one of the questions I always ask them is what IT projects they’re working on right now and what are the most prevalent technologies that they work with on a daily or weekly basis.

Over the past five years I’ve been surprised by one technology that comes up over and over again. It’s one that you’ve probably heard of, but it doesn’t get nearly as much attention or press as you’d think for a product that is so widespread. It’s Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint’s under-the-radar status is likely to change now that Microsoft has closely aligned SharePoint 2010 with Office 2010. That will probably move even more enterprises toward SharePoint.

However, before SharePoint 2010 kicks in, we’d like to do a quick poll to see how many IT departments are already using SharePoint. Please take the poll and then join the discussion below to tell us how your company is using SharePoint and  what you think of it.