Microsoft and the European Union have been fighting various antitrust legal battles for years now, but one decision was recently made that requires Microsoft to offer a choice of Web browsers to Windows users in the EU. The idea behind the decision, in a nutshell, is to allow other Web browsers the chance to be the default browser over Internet Explorer.

But as Stephen Shankland reports on CNET News, the number of Web browsers offered as an alternative choice far exceeds the common browsers most of us already know: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera. The list of alternatives include the likes of GreenBrowser, K-Meleon, FlashPeak’s SlimBrowser, Maxthon International’s Maxthon, Avant Force’s Avant, Fenrir’s Sleipnir, and Flock.

If the next time you turned on your computer you were give a choice of any Web browser, which one would you pick? Why would you pick it? Have you tried them all? How do you know you made the right choice? Do we really need to keep up with new browsers like we keep up with new CPUs or iPods?


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