In the last two years, I’ve seen a huge shift from ASP.NET WebForms to ASP.MVC. While ASP.NET MVC is hardly perfect in my mind, it is a big improvement over ASP.NET WebForms; however, its advantages are probably not enough to justify modernizing existing WebForms projects to MVC.

This kind of change is occurring throughout the .NET ecosystem, as technologies like WCF, OData, WPF, Windows 8, and MVC have emerged in the last couple of years to provide a much improved development experience. Unfortunately, not one of these technologies has a clear upgrade path from their predecessors.

I used this time to switch completely to an alternative technology stack (it’s still based on .NET though, and my .NET skills still get used), so it is a moot point. I know many other developers who have moved on to other systems entirely like Java, Ruby on Rails, and PHP. What about you?


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