A few weeks ago, the covers were taken off of TypeScript. The goal of this superset of JavaScript is to make it easier for large teams to build big applications with JavaScript.

For example, a team working on an enterprise class application running on a Node.js server might want to use TypeScript. For a long time, JavaScript has been disliked by many developers for lacking certain traits seen as important for large application work, though it is easily (and I believe rightfully) argued that the lack of those traits are precisely what makes working with JavaScript appealing. After all, once you start adding type safety and static compilation to JavaScript, why not just use C#, VB.NET, or Java? The answer is because what you are doing is forcing JavaScript to look and act just like those languages.

In my opinion, you can build big applications with a language like JavaScript with the right team, but trying to force a team that needs to work like C# to use JavaScript or TypeScript makes little sense. I’d like to hear what you think.


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