With the help of Justin James’ yeoman effort, TechRepublic has been publishing the Microsoft Patch Tuesday blog post every month since September 2008. On the second Tuesday each month, Justin gives you the breakdown and the lowdown on Microsoft’s latest batch of security and/or bug patches. As part of this service, we ask you to share your experience with the patch in the Discussion Forum so we can assess problem areas and develop practical solutions to solve them.

Which brings me to this week’s poll question: How often does the Windows patch process hose your systems? Judging by the discussion threads each month, there always seems to be at least a few members expressing frustration about patches failing to install or,  worse, bringing down systems that were functioning before the patches were applied. But how often does this happen? Are you spending more time patching the patch than is worth the effort or do you just have to bite the bullet and work through it each month in the name of closing vulnerabilities?