I don’t use mapping and navigation applications much since I am not required to travel for business, so my experience with these kinds of apps is limited. But I know that many TechRepublic members rely on mapping and navigation systems like Google Maps when traveling. So the question I’d like to consider is which navigation system do you consider to be the best, right now?

Better, best

When I say “best” I am thinking of criteria like accuracy, ease of use, and coverage? It is that last characteristic that Google has recently addressed by adding navigation and mapping for places like India and New Zealand. Google is basically trying to map the Earth in more ways than one; trying to make Google Maps the app of choice for this genre.

Have they done it?

For example, my 2012 Kia Optima has a built-in navigation system that seems to be fairly accurate for the Louisville, KY area. But the interface for the car’s system is a bit clunky. I think I would prefer to use my Galaxy S smartphone and its Google Maps app to get directions. Is that a common feeling among travelers these days?

Do you find yourself using Google Maps most often when you need mapping and navigation? If not, what application do you use and why?

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