I like music as much as anyone and I have a job here at TechRepublic that affords me the opportunity to listen to music often during a work week. Listening to the right music from my iPod on my headphones while editing can be the best way for me to achieve the needed focus, especially if there is an extraordinary amount of activity in the office.

So, as the editor of the Google in the Enterprise Blog, when I saw the press releases that Google Music was available, I thought I’d better check it out. The Google service works pretty much like the Amazon Cloud Player – music you have purchased from the Android Marketplace or that you have uploaded to Google Music is available for streaming. All you need is a Web browser.

Extremely convenient for users, but I am wondering how much fun these streaming services are for IT administrators? Are the streaming music services starting to overwhelm network bandwidth? Are IT professionals implementing procedures to reduce the traffic users generate for “non-work related” activities? Or is bandwidth so plentiful, that the activity is not a concern?