On July 10, 2012, Google announced that several new features were available for the Google+ App on the Apple iPad. The thrust of the announcement was that the Google+ iPad App is designed specifically for the device with features that take advantage of the iPad’s interface.


Some of the specific features include:

  • Pinch and expand posts right in your stream to add your comments
  • Use two fingers to drag a post from your stream to easily re-share it
  • Start a Hangout from your iPad and stream it to your TV using AirPlay

In addition to those features, Google has added Events on Google+ to the iPad App, which allows users to schedule and manage events. Google+ Events is being promoted heavily by Google during the summer months.

The last feature added to the Google+ App for iPad is the ability to start a Google+ Hangout. The Hangout feature does make setting up a video conference with more than two people a snap and I can see how this feature will appeal to many iPad users.


However, how effective is the Google+ App for the iPad? Is the Google+ App better than other social interactive apps available for iPad? Does Google have a winning App on the market or is there something better available?

Not being a tablet user, I really have no clue whether Google has made a compelling application or not, so I would like to hear from you regarding Google+ and other social interaction applications you may or may not use on your Apple iPad.

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